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PSA is very proud to always provide a professional and reliable surveying service to its clients. Our staff are highly trained and motivated always looking at the best interest of our clients.


  • Independent Quality and Quantity Control
  • Independent Custody Transfer Inspection
  • Laboratory Services
  • Sampling
  • Calibration- Additive process
  • Cargo treatment
  • Pre Shipment Inspections
  • Draught Surveys
  • General Cargo Operations
    (i.e. stowage of steel, industrial machinery, specific cargoes)


  • Crude oil- Light Distillates: LPG, LNG, Gasoline
  • Middle Distillates: Jet fuel, Naphtha, ULSD
  • Heavy Distillates: Bunker Fuel, Fuel Oil
  • Biofuels: Bioethanol, Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil
  • Petrochemicals


  • The PSA Representative will start by listing the actual condition of the vessel prior or at commencement of the hiring period in order to be able to document the attribution of damages, if any.
  • Our surveys are based on industry practices which means that all our surveyors are applying the standard procedures.
  • We are able to provide specific reports concerning tank coating, pump capacity, ventilation, cooling plants, compressors or ballast pumping.
  • For these kind of missions we will always send two surveyors in order to cover the deck side as well as the engine room.


  • A factual survey can be performed at any moment of time to see if the vessel complies with all the relevant legislations and accepted industry recommendations, practices in respect to safety, pollution prevention and overall operational procedures.
  • The most relevant specialist of our team will be appointed to attend the specific vessel or trade operation.


    For loss prevention, investigation and consultancy we are able to provide you with a vast range of nautical expertise. Other combined activities and services based on our nautical expertise are offered on request, tailor-made solutions can also be worked out to meet our client requirements.

  • Loss prevention services
  • Charters representative
  • Insurance investigations
  • Owners protection program and claim prevention service
  • Assistance for operational, environmental and safety procedures
  • Dry-dock supervision
  • Advise to new buildings or specific constructions, coatings, discharge equipment etc.
  • Feasibility studies on port projects : safety and operational advise
  • Sampling and inspection training
  • Trainings program for ship’s staff and other related personnel into inspection procedures and quality implementation.


    A complete report, documented with all necessary, explanatory photos and sketches follow each inspection, investigation or loss control activity. This hard copy cover report provides our clients with extensive explanations on what happened and how, as well as offering advice so that the same losses do not re-occur in the future. The report is a valuable tool in case of a claim or lawsuit.


The backbone of our services is that we only use the latest industrial standards and practices:

  • IMO guidelines and publications
  • United Nations Standards and Procedures for the performance of draught surveys
  • ICS Inspection Guidelines
  • Energy Institute
  • A.S.T.M.
  • A.P.I.
  • I.F.I.A.
  • ISO Cargo survey sampling and analysis standards.

Please note that we are active members of the Energy Institute. and A.S.T.M. organizations.

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